3 Wheel Roulette

3 Wheel Roulette

This Roulette variant is like no other one you have seen before, take the roulette wheel itself this has three wheels superimposed on it, and as such whenever you play a game there are going to be three individual outcomes to each game. This means you need to place three times as many wagers onto the table to cover every single wheel.

There is also a special bonus-type bet that you can place and this will give you a set of special additional payouts when certain numbers spin.

3 Wheel Roulette Bets and Payouts

You will find the standard payouts which you will get when you have placed a winning wager on any of the locations on the betting layout mentioned.

However, there is a range of bonus payouts available should you place a bonus bet on this internet marketing. The Bonus bet is called the Colour Up bonus and once you have placed this wager should any of the following events happen then you will receive the payouts listed for that particular occurrence.

Should three zeros all spin in during any one game and you have placed the bonus bet then you are awarded a payout worth 1000 to one of the bonus bet amounts you wagered.

If you get two zeros spinning in then this payout is worth 50 to 1.

If you get three of any one number spinning in then the payout for this is 100 to 1 of your Bonus bet staked amount.

Get a Straight such of 22, 23, and 24 your bonus bet amount is paid out at odds of 25 to 1.

Any Pair of matching numbers will receive a payout of 5 to 1, and should any three numbers spin in which all share the same color then your bonus bet is a push and the stake you placed on it is returned.

Playing 3-Wheel Roulette

With three times the cost of playing this lucky games as opposed to playing single-ball versions along with the cost of the bonus bet, you should only play it for reduced stake levels if at all. Whilst it can be a very volatile type of game where large paying winning streaks can be achieved the opposite is also true and it can be a very expensive game to play, more so when you are losing!

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