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Advantages and disadvantages of poker bonus

The poker sites give incentive to the players to join their poker room in casinos . These incentives are called poker bonus. Poker sites offer poker bonus to attract new poker players. The most popular form of poker bonus given by the poker sites are deposit bonuses which match the amount you have deposited first time after signing up. There is another kind of bonus to attract the players which is called no deposit bonus. The poker site will let you sign up with them without you having to deposit any money. There are both advantages and disadvantages with the poker bonus though generally the public opinion is more towards the advantages. Everyone likes free money and when people start with small bankroll or no bankroll to play in the cash tables poker bonuses are a great way to build up the bankroll. One can just collect the signing up amount and hop off to another poker site and sign up to collect the initial bonus.

Though advantages are many there are few disadvantages too. Firstly the poker bonuses do not come free. You have to earn them by playing with the site till you get the required points to clear poker bonus. The problem here is that if you play smaller hands is small it will take you a long time to clear your bonus. In the meanwhile you may lose more than you can afford to. Some poker sites take long time to clear their bonuses. Secondly some of the poker sites collect too high a rake for the new players to join them. Though they offer high sign up bonus but the terms and conditions for clearing the bonus could be tougher than you can imagine. The third disadvantage lies in the poker bonus chasing in itself. The players chase poker bonus playing in multiple tables in order to collect free poker money. In doing so, these players neglect their game.

While playing simultaneously in three tables it becomes impossible for them to study the style of the opponents. This affects the game of the player and this in turn will affect the speedy clearing of poker bonus.Also once you have had your poker bonus cleared you would like to settle down to play a serious game of poker or even poker tournaments. While poker bonus chasing you would not learn much of the game and this will become a disadvantage in the long run. The poker sites make lucrative offers from time to time to make their players continue with them. In jumping from one poker room to another it will be difficult for you to take advantage of these promotional offers.

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