Basics of slots

Slots are one of the most interesting forms of casino gaming, as their versatility and immersion are in a class of their own. If you’ve never played slots before, read below our compilation of the secrets of slot games. The symbols are images/chips rotating on the game screen. The symbols have different values, which means that the size of the win varies depending on which symbols are used to win.

The bet is placed before the start of the game. The bet can also be changed during the game. The bet determines the amount the player slots wants to bet on each round. Winnings get bigger with bigger bets here at The paylines are the lines running on the grid. Usually, the paylines run from left to right, but it is possible that the paylines also run in a zigzag pattern or in two directions so that you can also win from right to left.

The reels are reels that rotate vertically on the game grid, with game symbols inside. There are usually at least three reels, but the latest games usually have 5 or more. A spin, or the start of a game round, from a piece reserved for it, which is usually located at the bottom of the game grid. In many slot games, there is an auto-spin button next to the play button, which thus handles the spins on behalf of the player.

Free spins are additional rounds that a player can get through various symbols or scatters. Wild symbols replace almost all symbols in the game, bringing with them a better chance of winning a combination, of course. Expanding wild symbols work the same as wild symbols but expand up and down to cover the entire reel. Naturally, profits will improve when this hits the spot. Moving wild symbols jump from reels to others, always giving a replay until the symbol disappears from the game grid.

Scatter symbols usually give wins when at least three scatters appear on the screen. Usually, scatters can be used to play free spins or new Indian casinos. Falling symbols fall on the reels from above. As the symbols form a winning combination, these disappear in the way of the new symbols. New symbols always appear as long as winning combinations are created.

The bonus game symbols are the corresponding symbols on the scatters that give the player access to various bonus games. Bonus games usually have really good prizes up for grabs, which is why playing them is especially appealing. Random wilds are wilds that may appear on reels unexpectedly and at any time. Odds are the torque at which round wins can be multiplied. Repeat rounds allow the player to re-spin the reel (s). The paytable tells you the values ?? of all the symbols in the game and how much you can win with different combinations of symbols.

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