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In order to beat a roulette online casino, you must first define your goals and stick to a well-planned and clearly thought out strategy. Beating roulette is perfectly achievable despite the game having a negative mathematical expectancy long term, though there are a number of factors that can greatly increase your chances of success in the short term. Among these are discipline, strategy, the type of roulette that you play, where you play, stop loss/gain limits, realistic bankroll and staking. In order for you to learn how to beat roulette consistently, you will need to optimize all of the above factors to differing degrees. Though something to bear in mind before you even start to contemplate this; beating roulette will never be achieved by anyone without a great deal of self-discipline.

Beat Roulette Online
To beat online roulette you not only need to develop all of the traits already mentioned but place even more attention on your discipline it really is the foundation which everything else is built upon! When playing at a brick-and-mortar casino, most people choose to bring a set amount of money to play with, in turn giving themselves an automatic stop loss.

When playing at home however, you may find that you have already built up a large amount in reserve in your casino account and should you reach your stop loss for the session, it’s all too easy to either dip into that, or simply deposit more money from your card or bank account. Doing this will give you little hope in your quest to beat roulette online as you’ve fallen at the first and most important hurdle between yourself and success; sticking to your game plan.

Roulette Strategy
You will find sites all over the internet that guarantee they have a system that will make you a winner in the casino. That should be your first tip that something is not quite right: there is only one real winner in the casino, and that is the casino itself.

While they are fun to visit, and it is possible to walk out with more money than you entered holding, it is by far the exception to the norm. Why then would these people attempt to sell you something that has no chance of working?

If there were a system that allowed you to beat the roulette wheel, everyone would know about it and there would be changes made to the game until the advantage once again favored the house. There are a number of different strategies involving roulette.

Some say that betting on sections of the wheel will put the odds in your favor; while it sounds nice, it will not help. There are systems that tell the player to bet differently depending on the number of wins and losses; this isn’t going to help either. Roulette is a fun game, but it is a game of chance. You’re going to put your money down, and after that the only thing that can work for you is luck. If you’re looking to make money, go to the games that have lower house odds.

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