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Best Free Spins bonuses

Free spins allow you to spin for free on slot machines without even having to make a bet.Despite the fact that you do not have to bet money yourself, free spins work like regular spins, and the prizes you win will still be real. New rules mean that it is no longer legal for Online Casinos to use terms such as “free spins” or “free spins” in their marketing if there is a deposit and / or a wagering requirement associated with the bonus. This is to protect players from misleading marketing. The new rules mean that all terms must be clear and easy to understand.When you receive free spins or cash spins, it will be the same.

All winnings won with free spins, no matter what they are called by the casino, will have no wagering requirements. You will get the winnings transferred directly to your gaming account, and can use them for whatever you want. Many casinos have adapted to the new rules by e.g. to write “50 spins” and refrain from using words like “free” and “free” in their bonus offer description. Other online casinos have chosen to continue using free spins in the description of their welcome offer, and they have instead removed both deposit and wagering requirements associated with the bonus.In our casino reviews we still use “free spins” and “free spins” as these are concepts that people know and understand.

That way, it is easy to find and understand our reviews, as these are terms you are used to. In cases where the mentioned “free spins” and “free spins” are subject to wagering requirements or other terms, we will describe this in the surrounding text. There are many different ways to get Free Spins. Typically, you will receive a number of free spins when you sign up, or make your first deposit with a provider. These free spins vary in number, and you will also often find that your free spins can only be used on certain machines.

However, this is all something you will be informed when you receive your free spins. Another way you can get free spins is through ongoing promotions at the casino. Many online casinos will regularly have promotions to reward loyal customers, or to celebrate events. This can be, for example, when a new game is added, where free spins are awarded to customers so they can be allowed to try out the game without having to bet money themselves. It is therefore a good idea to keep an eye on the online casino or casinos you play at, to keep up to date on promotions with free spins you can receive.

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