Blackjack Basics

The basics of playing online blackjack revolve around your initial two cards that you are dealt and the one card the dealer deals to himself.

The aim of the game is to beat the dealer either by finishing with a higher total than the dealer or by the dealer busting or getting too many.

In short, you have to try and get as close to 21 as you can or to let the dealer go over 21 and bust and then the players at the table are paid.

The dealer stops at 17 so if you have 18 you can stop knowing that the odds are in your favour to win. The dealers initial card dictates how you play your hand and how many, if any, cards you wish to draw.

For example, if the dealer has a 5 face up and you are sitting on 12 then you already know that the dealer will be drawing 2 cards at the very least no matter what cards come out.

If you draw a 10 then you are out of the game and have lost your money. In this situation it is best to sit tight and let the dealer draw 2 or more cards and bust. The odds are in your favour to sit.

Now should the dealer be sitting with a 10 in front of him and you are on a total of 12 then the odds are in his favour if you decide to sit on 12.

You have the whole deck except for the 10s to improve your hand, you take the card and hopefully improve enough to then sit with a total over 18. Generally, it is in your interest to continue to pull cards until you have at least 17 when facing a 10.

Blackjack Variations

As stated, there are many different variations to game rules when playing blackjack. As an example –

You may be able to double down on any two cards.
You may only double down on 9-10-11

You need to read the game rules or better yet, play the free online blackjack games at the casino you are visiting. Spend some time on it so you know exactly when you can and can’t do, there is no need to throw money away because you’re not sure of the blackjack rules at the online casino you’re playing at.

What is a Blackjack?

A blackjack is when you get a 10 (any picture card) and an Ace. It doesn’t matter what order they are dealt. You should get paid 3:2 odds so if you bet $100 and hit a blackjack then you are paid 150 in winnings.

Insurance and Standoff

If the dealer also gets a blackjack then you have a standoff. You do not get paid.

However, if you hit a jackpot and the dealer has an Ace exposed as his face card then you can accept insurance and be paid even money.

Everybody that knows anything about blackjack will tell you that you never accept this offer.

The odds are not in your favor to do so. Now you may feel that the cards have been running against you all night and you just know that the dealer is going to hit a 10 and you are not going to be paid. The choice is certainly yours to accept even money but understand that over the long run, you will find that the less times you accept this offer of even money, the more money you will actually make playing online blackjack.