Blackjack Card Counting Explained

So you’ve mastered the basic strategy and you’re looking for more blackjack tips?  Formidable, Mon Cherie, now let me give you some of the best I’ve collected:

1. If you’re here trying to get a head-start on the competition with advanced blackjack tips, go back and learn the basic strategy.  It’s your best defense against the casino advantage, as most players will lose an average of 2% over the long haul without it.

2. Don’t follow the urge to “never bust”.  This is one of the most important blackjack tips for players just starting out.  Once you get comfortable with the basic strategy you may be tempted to start your own style of play, and that’s where a lot of people get the idea that the odds will be in their favor if they choose to never hit when there’s a possibility of going over 21.  In truth, this raises the house edge, often too close to 4%, more than double what was sticking to basic play.  Part of getting better at blackjack is acknowledging that often what seems correct can put you at a disadvantage.

3. Always split aces: drawing 2 Aces is great, it gives you 2 chances right from the start of getting a blackjack – so take advantage where you can and you might win a lot more.  Beating the casino is impossible over the long haul but getting lucky in the short term with moves like this can make all the difference.

4. Pay attention to the cards on the table.  If lots of ten-value cards have been played, the deck may be rich in small cards, giving you a hint as to whether or not to hit.  Note that in a lot of online casinos there’s a fresh shuffle after each hand and this technique is moot.

5. Contrary to what so many people seem to believe, playing blackjack while ‘under the influence’ does not give you any magical insight.  I’ll see people ruin themselves because they got cocky after a few drinks… don’t let it happen to you, Cherie.

6. Basic strategy can lower the house edge to lower than 1%, but have a betting or money management strategy in place if you plan to play over extended periods of time – losing streaks do happen even after you know what you’re doing!