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Card Counting System

The method presented above is just one of several and not everyone who counts cards in Blackjack uses the same system. One of the major authorities in gambling, Mason Malmuth, presented his views on which system is best in the book Gambling Theory and Other Topics . Based on computer calculations made by another expert, Arnold Snyder, his conclusion was that relatively simple systems (usually called “level one count”) are overall more advantageous than the most advanced (so-called “level three count”). Arnold Snyder’s computer simulations had shown that the difference in profit did not differ much and if one then takes into account that it is easier to make mistakes in the use of advanced systems, Malmuth advocates the simple ones.

Instead of sitting down at the table and starting to count while playing, you can also choose to stand aside because only when the table is positive for the player to sit down and place your first bet. This is called back-counting and is used by many. In Blackjack, above all, you want many aces and face up cards to remain in the game proportionally. The decked cards together with all the aces make up 38% of the deck and you want them to make up just over 40% before you sit down at the table. With many aces and face up cards, you can get Blackjack more often, which gives you one and a half times the bet, and you can bet extra against some of the dealer’s cards.

Gambling casinos around the world have hardly chosen to passively watch when players with the ability to count cards have settled down at the Blackjack tables. A number of measures have been taken and, above all, more decks of cards have been added. More decks of cards make it more difficult for those who count cards. However, this does not prevent the card counting system from working, but it takes longer before the player can establish a favorable situation. Increasing the number of decks of cards and shuffling them frequently also means a slower pace and thus less profit for the casino. It has therefore been more effective to train dealers to be able to identify card counters who, together with other staff who monitor the tables, can detect them. The players who are discovered may leave the casino and possibly also be ported (this applies, for example, to casinos in Las Vegas, but after a lawsuit in New Jersey, the casinos in Atlantic City no longer have the right to reject card counters).

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