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Online casinos do their best to give players the maximum return for every penny they spend, and they can afford this. Online casinos have minimal expenses that are why a regular player tends to spend about half of their income on various bonuses that players can take advantage of. Online casino bonuses come in all sorts of shapes and colors, from juicy welcome packs and deposit bonuses to free spins and casino tournaments. Recently, however, we have also seen a reasonably new form of casino bonuses-so-called cashback at

If you speak English, you may understand what cashback means directly translated it is as money back. Basically, this is exactly what cashback is all about: you get money back from the online casino. The very principle of cashback is not very new and has been part of the casino universe for about a decade. Cashback, however, appeared in a completely different genre of gambling, namely poker. Yes, many of today’s professional poker players actually make a living from cashback, where they get back part of their bets in a total amount each month. After countless casino players demanded the same from their bets on slot machines, the online casinos chose to give in nowadays many players get cashback automatically, without having to ask for it.

There is in fact a significant difference between cashback from poker games and online casinos. When you play poker, you pay a small amount to participate in each round whether you win or lose, certain poker sites can give you a share of that amount back. The more you play, the more you get in cashback. Cashback at the casino, on the other hand, only applies to money you lose, something we will go into in the next section. However, we will bring it out already here you must never lose money on purpose to get more in cashback.

Cashback is simply an additional refund of the money people spend at the online casino games, though without any complicated rules or special names. Unlike deposit bonuses and free spins, cashback is real money that rolls into your gaming account on a regular basis. Note, however, that cashback is only a share of your own losses, so you actually have to lose money to get something. If you do not lose anything during the stated time period for the cashback, you will not receive any money back either. As a rule, you do not have to sign up for anything or do anything just play and enjoy, then you see how it goes at the end of the month or week.

The terms of cashback can vary from place to place, so it is important that you read exactly how the scheme works at your chosen online casino. From time to time, we notice cashback schemes that stand out in the crowd. Among other things, some casinos will give you extra cashback depending on how much you have bet, regardless of losses or winnings. Some will require a minimum turnover of money, while others allow you to use them completely freely. The percentage of cashback can also increase as you stay with an actor, for example as part of a VIP program. Either way, cashback works very easily. Almost like a no deposit casino bonus, where money rolls into your account without you having to deposit your own funds.

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