Casino Bonuses

The definition of a casino bonus can be explained by either a long or short formula. We are trying to illustrate this here both comprehensively and easily.The Casino Bonus is an advantage offered by the online casino to the customer, i.e. the player. The benefit is usually obtained by creating a gaming account at the online casino and making the first deposit. The casino bonus is always expressed as a percentage and at the same time the amount of money you can get with that bonus offer (eg 100% bonus up to 100 euros) is also stated.

In this case, you will receive a maximum of 100 euros of extra play money on top of your own, deposited amount.So how did it go? Yes, it’s a little hard to figure out at first. If the bonus is 100% up to a maximum of 100 euros, then you will practically get double your 100e deposit. So, after depositing, your game account will have 200e, of which 100e is the money you have deposited, which is not subject to any redemption conditions, and an “extra” € 100 bonus money, which may have a redemption requirement or other conditions.

The maximum of one hundred euros therefore means the largest amount of bonus money that you can receive with the deposit. Of course, you can deposit even 500 euros into the game account, but in that example, the bonus money will still be “only” that 100 euros on top. In this situation, the balance of your game account would be 600e.Can I deposit less? Of course! Casinos always have a minimum deposit limit, e.g. 10e or 20 euros.

However, you can almost always deposit, for example, 40 euros. On 100% / 100e terms, you get another forty on top as bonus money. Sometimes bonuses have a slightly higher deposit threshold, but in this case it is usually the so-called. High Roller Bonus tailored for big money players. In many cases, as a companion or alternative to the High Roller bonus, there is also a more moderate bonus for beginners and “taviks” who are not interested in leaving immediately for a deposit of thousands of euros.

The need for bonus codes has been wondered over the years and many times. Bonus codes were about 10-15 years ago every weekday online casino. From the casino’s point of view, the bonus code certainly makes the situation easier, because through it the type and amount of the bonus is conveniently logged into the system. This makes it especially easy when there are several promotions and bonuses running at the same time.

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