Casino Cashback

In addition to betting and regular casino games, sometimes albeit quite rarely it is also possible to earn cashback from a live casino. The popularity of live games is growing, and you can try modern live games at almost every online casino at The vast majority of live tables are traditional casino games such as baccarat, poker, blackjack and roulette. These games are best suited for live games due to their social dimension, unlike slot games that are not suitable for board games.

In live games, players participate from their own screen and the game is broadcast live from the game manufacturer’s studio. In addition to playing, you can chat with other participants or the game manager via chat, or alternatively turn the sounds off and focus only on your own play. Games like Blackjack can be played with the right strategy for a very small house advantage meaning your cash stays pretty much the same all the time. For this reason, cashbacks aren’t really suited for live games, or at least as well as faster-paced slots. However, it is possible to get the benefits, but there are often slightly more comprehensive rules and conditions for cash refunds at live casinos, which should be read carefully before you start playing.

The most common cash return percentages
Cash refunds and their percentages are always completely casino-specific, and one common direction cannot really be given to these. In addition, how often a casino is willing to pay cashback often depends on the player’s own activity and status. However, a fairly common benefit with unregistered casinos seems to be a weekly ten percent refund, as you will find a really large number of these offers on the market. In practice, these casinos add up all your deposits during the week, deducting any withdrawals you make and receiving a 10% refund of the remaining amount, which will usually be credited to your account at the beginning of the following week.

In addition to weekly ongoing cashback offers for more information                                            , casinos can sometimes run into larger cashback bonuses, often valid for a certain promotional period. For example, playing novelty games can sometimes give you up to several tens of percent return, but keep in mind that these benefits only apply to one specific game. The year is also likely to bring innovative new campaign types alongside weekly cash returns. These are already at the forefront of the new casino, which offers all its players a 0.5% cashback on every bet placed on the casino’s games, regardless of the number of withdrawals or the amount. A casino’s continuous payout of half a percent may sound small, but if you focus your play only on that casino, an active player can quickly accumulate a lot of cash to return to the cashier.

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