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Free spins are a great and profitable way to prey on casino winnings. Today, however, free spins are less often distributed without any conditions. The most common and determinative condition for free spins is the recycling requirement. In other words, the number of times the winnings made in free spins have to be played in order to get scratched the winnings for yourself. The recycling requirement can be almost anything between 0-70x. There are even higher recycling requirements, but they should be rejected with popularity. If you need to recycle your winnings 70 times, then that too becomes nothing more than a bad mood. Tolerable recycling that can be lived with is 0-35x. We do not recommend applying for free spins that are larger than that

Another condition that free spins can have is a deposit requirement. So you won’t get free spins for yourself if you don’t first make a number of x deposits to the online casino. For example, you might get a €100 bonus with 100% and 50 free spins on the side. After the deposit, the free spins may still have, for example, a redemption condition or other conditions. The third condition that free spins can have is the maximum payout condition. You may get free spins without redemption and deposit, but when you spin Starburst, for example, the winnings you can take on free spins, for example, are €100.

The fourth general condition is a time limit. Online free spins may first arrive in your game account in certain installments. For example, 10 rounds a day for a week or one round a day for a month. On the other hand, free spins are usually only valid for a certain period of time. For example, a month after you signed them up. So you should be careful and read the terms and conditions of the free spins when taking over the Casino Offers. Some casinos may set even more cunning terms and entice players to free spins after thinking about a low threshold. So take a close look at what you get when you do things X and Y. The web is full of great free spins offers and when you find out and keep an eye on which Casino Offers are worth taking advantage of, you are guaranteed to spin hundreds of times for free, without even a euro deposit.

Deposit bonuses are, as the name implies, bonus money you receive by depositing. In addition to free spins, deposit bonuses are the most common Casino Promotions of all. The online deposit bonus works so that when you make a gaming account with the casino and deposit an amount, you get extra cash to play. This is precise because the deposit bonus is not free play money. For example, if the bonus offer is 200/100%, ie with a deposit of 200 euros you get a total game account balance of 400 euros, then it would be crazy for the casino to donate 200 euros free money to the player, which he can withdraw immediately.

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