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Welcome to casino games, your best virtual slots partner on the internet. Browse our article archive, and sign up at our trusted sites! From slots history and tips to the best online slot review game recommendations, you will find everything! Slots machines have been popular ever since their invention. They are categorized as a game of chance and are the most popular casino game ever. Here at, you will learn everything about their history, variants, and jackpot types.

Using statistics as your strategy
What every gambler needs to know when it comes to games of chance is that statistics is quite helpful when making an assessment. Of course, there is no strategy that will guarantee a win; but increasing the odds of winning is always a good idea. Before you start playing online slots, you should learn that there are two basic types of slot machines: regular and progressive ones. Regular slots have three reels and several money lines, whereas progressive slots may have up to nine reels and up to twenty money lines. The latter offers the so-called progressive jackpots that increase over time and may truly make you rich if you manage to hit one.

Don’t try this
Naturally, that makes them alluring to many a gambler, which has resulted in several strategies banned on sight by casino staff, the most popular one of which is teaming up. Gamblers would take turns playing progressive slots until the jackpot is hit. Then they would divide the prize. This type of behavior is not acceptable either in land-based or online casinos, so have care.

Slot machines bonuses and additional prizes
Another popular slot machine is the bonus slot. It is, in fact, the classic slot with additional prizes, which may be hit only if the maximum number of credits is invested. Bonus rounds are a usual prize, although there may be others as well. As for online slots, apart from the missing reel, everything else is the same. Except for one benefit: online slots sites stage, from time to time, slots tournaments. They are your best chance to hit it big but keep in mind that, in order to join one, you will need a club card. Therefore, make sure to collect yours when signing up.

Also, keep in mind that the number of players is limited. You will need to be fast to reserve your place, as slots tournaments are highly popular. Online slots sites offer free bonuses to all new players. We have selected the best ones for your convenience. All of our trusted sites are licensed and risk-free to boot. Sign up today to start playing slots from the comfort of your home for free!

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