Christmas Slots

Slot games in online casino come in many different varieties. From the number of reels and pay lines to the different themes used in the games, variety in a site’s game library is something that online gamblers look for when choosing a betting venue.

Holiday-themed slots are popular, especially during the holidays the games are based on. But for me, the best one-armed bandit games are the ones that use Christmas as a backdrop. The winter months seem long, dark, and cold. But when December rolls around and my favorite slot websites start to roll out the Christmas titles, the dark days of winter are a little easier to take.

Christmas is celebrated all over the world, even by people who do not subscribe to the Christian religion that gave birth to the season itself. Pop culture is full of references to the holiday. Even families that don’t attend church regularly are likely to attend some sort of midnight Mass or school program dedicated to December 25th.

Though my particular obsession with slots featuring images of Santa Claus, reindeer, and wrapped presents may be a little outside most people’s interests, I look forward to the roll-out of titles with a holiday flavor more than any other time of year. In fact, my recent discovery that many Internet casinos actually offer these games year-round has led to a big increase in the time I spend feeding credits into online versions of slots.

Game designers are releasing more and more titles built around my favorite holiday every year. Now you can find any category of machine you like, whether you’re a progressive jackpot chaser or into three-dimensional graphics and movie-quality sound, all with a Christmas theme.

The first such game I really fell head over heels for was Vegas Technology’s Winter Wonderland. I’m big on five reel games and Winter Wonderland is just such a slot, with twenty pay lines and plenty of bright Christmas colors, symbols of skiers, snowflakes, gingerbread men, and winter clothes to round out the theme.

A perennial favorite is it’s a Wonderful Life, a bonus video title that pays out on forty different winning symbol combos. No it isn’t based on my favorite holiday movie, but it can lead to some lucrative sessions thanks to such a wide variety of payouts.

This site will host reviews of these games along with stories of my own big wins and heart-breaking losses. Share in the Christmas spirit all year round or just during winter break when your annoying relatives start to get you down, by playing Christmas-themed slot games.

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