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Craps – How to Play

Craps games have rules that, at first, may seem complicated to a player, but once you understand them, the game seems much simpler. The game is played with at least 1 player playing against the casino.Game involves a player throwing 2 dice, and he or she who does so is called “shooter”. This means that every single player around the craps table will have the chance to be the shooter, but a player is also allowed to waive this right and just continue to place bets at the table.The players gather around the craps table, and then they bet on whether the result of the thrower’s dice roll will be to his / her advantage or not.

The most important bet in the Craps game is the Pass Line Bet, and a similar bet is placed just before the Come Out dice roll that is the starting roll. If the result of the come out dice roll is 7 or 11, then Pass Line wins the bet. On the other hand, “Do not pass” loses the bet. In similar cases, the betting round is over.In the event that dice roll equals 2, three or 12, the reverse happens. That is, Don’t Pass bet wins or is a draw in the event that dice roll is 12.

In contrast, the Pass Line bet loses.If the result of the Come Out dice roll is equal to 4,5,6 etc then the number of the result is what is called the Point. The point number will be marked on the craps table, the shooter will continue to roll dice until the dice hit the point number, or until the dice hit a 7-number. If the Point number arrives before the 7 number, then it is the Pass-Line bets that win. If the Point number does not arrive before the 7 number, then the Don’t Pass-line bets will win.The most important thing to keep in mind is what types of bets are available to you as a player according to the different stages of the game.

It is also wisest and it also makes more sense to prefer even money bets instead of bets with higher payouts as the house edge on these bets is very high. Craps is a really exciting and fun game. However, there are still many players who would like to play the game but do not know the rules of the game, which makes them confused. The most important thing that players need to know when it comes to craps games is what bets can be made during the different stages of the game.

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