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I thought you knew it was not (because you have played the game live or never), but it is an incredibly addictive game that you play at a long table with a pair of dice. In the casino, the world is the dice game and lives immensely popular and the audience is all crazy about it, watching the player with the dice.

You can start looking for good casino games or you rely on us because we have put together an online craps casino selection, where you can play best. To play the game, you simply need to register only in an online craps casino, open a player account (if you have already played poker online, they have indeed already logged time in an online poker room) and then eventually download the casino software or You play the flash version of the casino, where no download is required.

What you need to know about gambling at the casino as the first is this: There are two dice, and with this, you can reach any number of 2 to 12 for each round, a new shooter is chosen, the rolls. However, all other players can bet on the outcome of the throw.

The shooter can take only two missions: “Pass Line” or “Do not Pass Line”, while the other players have more betting options. Most of the tables in the casino offers about 40 different uses, which are found in various categories, such as “Come” and “Do not Come”. The best strategy is, of course, for those who know the rules and understand and get the best odds. If you have in mind, then the best strategy is for beginners that you play only bet on the Pass Line and Do not Pass, because these bets offer the slightest advantage for the casino.

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