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Different types of jackpots

Today it is very popular to play online and what attracts most of all is to win a jackpot. Of course, you can also win a lot in regular slots, but you only get the really big wins if you manage to win a jackpot. On this page you will find best casinos that have a large selection of jackpot games, so if you want many games with a jackpot to choose from, it is at these casinos that you should register and start playing. Most casinos have some jackpot games but if you want many games with jackpots to choose from, there are casinos to choose from but you will find best casino games on this site The two different types of jackpots in casinos and they are fixed jackpots and growing jackpots. Below you can read more about these fixed and growing jackpots.

Fixed jackpots
A fixed jackpot is a jackpot that is inside a game and is on a fixed amount. Each time a player wins, the player wins a certain amount. Even though it is called a jackpot win, it is really a regular win just because it is the biggest win in the game.

Growing jackpots (progressive)
Growing jackpots are the jackpots that are also called progressive jackpots and these are the ones you are referring to when talking about jackpot slots. What is so special about these jackpot games is that the winnings start from the beginning on a high amount which then grows bigger and bigger until someone wins the jackpot. The profits are often enormous and can be many millions of kronor.

How then do these progressive jackpots grow? It does not matter which online casino the game is played in, which country the player is in or the like, but each bet in the game contributes to the jackpot being larger. The biggest jackpot games are available in large networks that you can play in hundreds of different online casinos around the world. This means that there are always players who make the jackpot grow all the time. The more players who play the game, the faster the jackpot grows and the bigger it gets until someone finally wins it. It also means that the most popular games also have the biggest jackpot wins.

Slots with jackpot
The opportunity to win a big jackpot for more information on slots is the big reason why many people play casino online. Casino jackpots can grow into huge sums and change the lives of the lucky casino player who takes home the winnings. Netent and Microgaming supply the slot machines that have so far given the highest jackpots, but more recently other manufacturers such as Yggdrasil have also delivered slots with large jackpots. If you are going to play slot machines online, you are wise to choose an online casino with jackpot slots where you can win the biggest jackpots.

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