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The Martingale strategy is the most famous roulette strategy used when playing the game online. How it works plus the risks versus rewards. The strategy tries to help you beat the online roulette table by taking advantage of red/black wagers (the closest thing to flipping a coin on the table):

  • Place a 1 credit wager on red or black (such as 0.10 red)
  • If red wins; quit with 0.10 profit, but if it loses; bet again with double the starting wager
  • Continue the process above until you win or reach your limit

Keep repeating the cycle for the duration of an online roulette session to try and stack up multiple 1-credit wins (regardless of whether it takes you 1 spin or 6 spins plus to win you make a profit equal to your starting spin level).

The strategy ‘in-play’
Check out an example of a relatively low-risk Martingale chain, starting with a credit size of 0.10 on red; there are 5 losing red spins (5 winning blacks) until the 6th spin finally lands on red.

Risks and rewards
The Martingale strategy can potentially create winning online roulette sessions. What’s more, statistically the probability of a long line of red or black wins is very small. However, losing runs will periodically occur and can be costly especially when gaming with a large starting spin. Use the Martingale strategy with great care when playing online roulette. Remember it can create fast wins and fast losses set modest profit targets in each session, keep your risk low and always know your limits. With some luck and logic, it could reward you consistently. Many successful online roulette gamers have been very strict with the strategy using a 0.5% starting wager and quitting a session after making 10 points of profit.

Online Roulette Tables

With spins from 0.10 to 100.00 on many online roulette tables, it’s become one of the most appealing gaming and gambling mediums on the web. Strategic roulette is very enticing too, with many strategies available to try and boost the payouts. Although playing roulette systems does have risks and certainly isn’t guaranteed they can often pay off.

The famous Dozen
The dozen roulette sections (Low 1-12, Middle 13-24 and High 25-36) have always been one of the favorite bets on the table; after all, it offers a 1 in 3 chance (or virtually) to give it a potentially high strike rate but it gives us better returns than betting on evens red or black. It’s no surprise that this cool wager has been compiled into a gaming system to use in online roulette:

  • Bet 1 credit red and 1 credit black to spin for free
  • Note down the winning section (l,m,h)
  • Repeat the steps until you have a run of 5 spins where one section doesn’t win;

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