Gambling Toys, Anyone?

Gambling has infiltrated the world of kids through toys. Who would ever think that certain toy companies would think of making gambling miniature paraphernalia for children to play with? Talk about starting them young!

Here are some of them. Would you consider getting them for the little loves of your life?

Jackpot Fruit Machine

The maker of this small, colorful and plastic fruit machine has categorized this casino toy under Intelligence Toy. Brilliant marketing, huh! The manufacturer wants to give the impression that giving children a Jackpot Fruit Machine will stimulate their young minds thereby enhancing their intelligence. If I may suggest to these dear toy makers: There are a multitude of ways to make kids exercise their brain cells. I don’t see how your mini Jackpot Fruit Machine can do that. The way I see it, that fruit machine will only give the suggestion that playing with slot machines is fun and that there’s nothing wrong with that. When they grow up, naturally, playing with slot machines will involve money. And when they’re so into playing with slot machines as adults, it’s so hard to stop. It has become an addiction. Okay, this may be overreacting, but that couldn’t be far from happening once you start them early on a cutesy fruit machine toy aka slot machine.

Newest Bingo Game

That good, old, classic Bingo is now paired with Lotto. And it’s made for kids to have fun with and be educated at the same time. Yes, they may have fun using it. What with all the rolling that they can do while watching the number balls jumble inside the globe-like, plastic container! Apart from that, how else can children enjoy playing with this? Would reading and calling out the numbers written in those yellow balls, educating enough? This play set is designed for the entertainment of adults not for the enjoyment and cognitive enhancement of the little ones.

Gambling Game

Talk about being discreet! The manufacturer couldn’t think of a nice name so they labelled their toy as it is. Without opening the box, one could already see the deck of cards, several pieces of dice, poker chips, roulette wheel and other casino game stuff from the package window. At a quick glance of the box, one would think that it’s made for adults. Take a closer look at the package and you would see their selling statement that says “Test kids’ eyes & outsight, learn from fun.” Why would parents train their children’s eyes with the gambling stuff? Are the usual toys like a colourful ball and moving animals not enough to do that? Unless you are a gambling lord looking to groom your next generation of gamblers, go look for a better toy to give your child.

The quick reviews of toys as indicated above where not made to bash a group of toy makers. The aim is to enlighten them on which toys are best for kids especially those who are in their formative years. The reviews above will also serve as guides for parents shopping for toys for their little ones. Not all that look cute and funny are good enough for your kids to get a hold of.