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Real-Time Gaming supplies fast, easy to operate and understood software. In most cases, the casinos are large on bonuses, and it’s easy to operate fast play and speedy needed play is easy to reach. Though in most cases Real Time Gaming casinos are great, some doubtful casinos nonetheless crop up. A generous bonus operator, Casino, crashed at the start of 2002, and it seems that the accounts of players disappeared into thin air. This means that you have to be careful when you come to choosing casinos at RTG. There’s some bother in the fact that you have to supply by fax copies of credit and driver’s licenses when you come to make withdrawals of five hundred dollars and up. The table game limits are between five to five hundred dollars, and the coin dominations for video poker and slots are five cents to five dollars. Two versions of software, which are Flash and Download, are offered by Real Time Gaming. Although it appears that the rules for Flash are the same, the downloaded casino solely is reviewed as follows.


This game uses six decks of cards and for a tie has a payoff of nine to one. 1.06 percent is the house edge on a banker bet, and 1.24 percent on a player bet; the house bet is 4.93 percent on a tie bet. As the banker wager is rounded down to the nearest quarter constantly put a bet in small amounts of five dollars on the banker. Keep in mind that there’s a banker’s commission fee of five percent.


At the level of default, the rules are as follows:

The number of decks used in the game can be configured
The dealer hits on soft seventeen
You can double on the first two cards
Doubling permitted after splitting
To three hands splitting twice allowed
The player loses the first bet only if the dealer has blackjack

Real-Time Gaming claims that two decks are the default number. Despite this, it seems that most casinos using this software endeavor to use more decks. Occasionally the same card has been displayed approximately three times on the screen. The same card, at other times, has been displayed on the screen twice and when playing with two decks this seems more than expected. Unfortunately, this fact has not been noticed by the rules and it’s an important factor. Assuming that four decks are used then the house edge is 0.58 percent. For more information on checking the number of used decks see blackjack appendix 13.

For the basic strategy used by Real Time Gaming casinos view the chart. You can see in the chart that it’s founded on at least four decks, which most casinos are assumed to have adopted. Except for this, it’s safer, rather than the opposite, to use this strategy in games using two decks. Watch your hand across the straight left edge and across the top of the up card of the dealer in order to use this basic strategy. In both cases, an ace is signified by the A. You have hard totals with hands of soft totals and that can be split running from top to bottom.

Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker is the same game as Caribbean Stud Poker. You are not allowed to make any side bet and the pay table and the rules are applied according to the standard framework.


Apparently full double odds are the default. From other casinos, you can obtain more. You can place a wager almost twice and a half time the line wager on the don’t side on points six and eight, and twice the line bets on all the others. On each winning lay and buy wager and based on the winning amount, a commission fee of four percent is charged. On offered place bets a number of exceptional payoffs are awarded: two to five on the four and ten; three to five on the five and nine; and only nine to twenty on the six and eight. In the following list, the house edge on these wagers is displayed. The game offers several useful buttons for clearing repeat bets and standard bets. Hot boxes are provided for assisting in placing the wagers in the right place. Rounding down to the nearest quarter is ruled for winning bets.


Both the European and American kinds of wheels are provided. Two zeros are used on the American type and one zero on the European wheel. If the ball lands on a zero, on even money wagers, neither wheel returns half back. A button is available for placing the last bet one more time.

Tri-Card Poker

Tri-Card Poker is the same as the game Three Card Poker maintaining quite a less generous pay table. The Pairplus payoff at most casinos has been diminished from forty to one to thirty-five to one for a straight flush and diminished from thirty to one to twenty-five to one for the three-of-a-kind. Similarly, the house edge increased from 2.32 percent to 4.58 percent. On the straight flush in Ante and Play the bonus was raised from five to one to three to one, and for three of a kind from four to one to two to one, and thus the house edge rose from 3.37 percent to 4.28 percent. In Pairplus, a straight flush at forty to one results in a house edge of 3.49 percent. With a house edge at 3.83 percent, on a straight flush in Ante and Play, there is a payout of four to one. Except for this, the rules for Real Time Gaming casino games are the same as the others.

Video Poker

Real-Time Gaming offers a vast selection of video poker games. The pay tables are configurable as each casino has a different pay table. For this reason, RTG has stopped listing video poker games. See the video poker section for checking most of the pay table returns. If you find an RTG casino paying for a full house seven for a coin and for sequential royal a fifty thousand jackpot for a coins bet in Joker Poker, then your return will be 100.18 percent. However, they no longer keep this default.