History of Slots and Slot Machines

Slots history, started in Brooklyn, in the year 1891, was invented by Pitt and Sittman who developed the first slots. In a Casino, Slots is a casino gambling game that is played on a machine. The term ‘one-armed bandits’ is also called Slots, the reason is, because of the large lever or arm on the side of the slot machine. In the beginning, this casino game, slots, was invented as an alternative way to play the casino game poker. The slot machine was engineered using a combination of five drums and displaying 50 playing cards, using the arm or lever to spin the drums which would display the different card combinations.

Back, when the slot machine was invented there was no such thing as large cash winnings or payouts. The only prize offered was a cigar or a free drink. So the slot player that spun the slot machine could only hope that a winning combination of cards, a good poker hand, would appear after the spinning of the drums.

The slot machine evolved with a simpler slot mechanism in 1895, created by Charles Fey. Fey’s invention added new twists to the slot machine. Fey invented the slot machine that gave an automatic payout and this machine had the ability to ‘read’ the winning combinations that where displayed. Instead of five drums in the early versions, Fey’s slot machine game had only three revolving drums, and as an alternative to the poker playing cards, his slot machine would display three symbols which would consist of spades, hearts, diamonds, horseshoe, and of course Liberty bells. A row of three Liberty bells would be the largest payout, winning combination achieved by the gambling player.

The United States is one of the largest locations where you will find these slot machine games being played. Slots is being played in land-based casinos all over the USA and most casinos rely on these machines to pay the bills for their business. It is the biggest moneymaker for these casinos and if slot machines did not exist places like Las Vegas would not exist. Some states even restrict which type of slot machine that can be installed and played. There are locations like Atlantic City or Las Vegas where slot machines have no restrictions and can be found in their casinos. The slot machines are commonly known as ‘Vegas-style slots. Slots have become extremely popular as a casino game and most gambling players will agree there is something in the spinning of the drums that bring them back for more.

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