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How is the nonsticky bonus redeemed

Different casinos have very different systems and back-end systems that also largely determine how redeeming the nonsticky bonus works. Most casinos with a non-sticky bonus deposit type will add the bonus to your account balance when making an automatic deposit. So all you have to do to redeem the bonus is a deposit, and then go play. Some casinos take advantage of bonus codes instead of adding an automatic bonus.

In addition to these means, there are also a handful of online casinos where a nonsticky bonus must be requested separately from customer service after making a deposit. If you forget to pick up the bonus when making a deposit, or if there is another mocha that results in you not receiving the benefit, there is usually no need to worry. Through customer service, bonuses can also be added to players’ accounts manually afterward.

Pay attention to payment methods
At times, casino players have experienced quite a disappointment when depositing in the casino, when the desired nonsticky bonus has not popped into the game account in connection with the deposit. After investigation, the casino’s customer service has indicated that bonuses are only available when using certain payment methods.

This is a really common practice in online casinos, followed by at least 80% of casinos operating with European gaming licenses. In most cases, payment methods are limited so that benefits are available on all other deposit methods except Skrill and Neteller. This rule usually applies to all types of bonuses, be it free spins, nonsticky bonuses or sticky bonuses.

There is a lot of speculation about excluding online wallets from the bonus money, and we at Bonus are not entirely sure about the right thing to do either. Be that as it may, before making a deposit, you should always check to see if some payment methods may be excluded from bonuses. In that case, it is not possible to get bonuses, no matter how beautifully you ask about customer service.

Nonsticky bonuses at Pay’n Play casinos
The latest craze in the world of online casinos, and also the biggest craze in recent years, is the so-called online casinos without a gaming account, which do not require a separate gaming account at all. The deposit can be easily accessed using bank IDs and when you withdraw it, the winnings will arrive in your bank account within minutes without waiting or fumbling with a game account confirmation. There are a lot of casino bonuses like nonsticky bonuses available today without even registering a game account.

At traditional online casinos, a non-sticky bonus on a first deposit, or alternatively a sticky bonus, is almost the rule rather than the exception, but for casinos that are free to register, the situation is different. Many of these gaming sites have no bonuses at all, or alternatively, players are offered a cashback for any losses. There is no need to sink into bankruptcy for those who play with bank IDs, as the number of casinos offering gaming money has also opened up as the casino offer grows. Still, the benefits may not be very huge, but a 100% deposit bonus, for example, is not uncommon at all.

Pay’n Play casinos that offer bonuses almost always have a nonsticky bonus. This is probably due to the fact that these gaming sites are always up-to-date and the aim is to make gaming as simple as possible for the player. With online free casinos, bonuses are redeemed in the same way as any other online casino, but even fewer bonus codes are used. Usually, the nonsticky bonus automatically drops into your game account upon deposit, after which you can switch directly to the games to accumulate winnings.

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