How to Choose an Internet Casinos

Playing poker casino games

There are hundreds of internet casinos online. How do you decide where to gamble? We obviously cannot answer this for you as everyone is looking for different things. Here you will find some of the characteristics to consider.

The Brand

In the midst of the hundreds of casinos, there are a couple we hear about all the time. Perhaps you like Golden Palace’s publicity stunts or the news is always making. Some companies are big enough to be listed on major stock exchanges!


Almost all online casinos use one of a handful of software providers to provide the games for their casinos like Playtech, Microgaming, and Real Time Gaming are among the most popular. You will find casinos with the same software have a very selection of games, especially if you play slots. Also, make sure they have other games you like playing. For example, 100 hand video poker is not a given or some of the specialty video poker variants. Blackjack and roulette can have different rules as well.

New Player Bonus and Other Promotions

It is a mess of 100% free, 200% free, deposit $100 – get $200, etc. But not all bonuses are created equal. Be sure to read the terms and conditions behind the bonus. Some prevent you from playing table games with the bonus, some bonuses are match bonuses, and all require some kind of monetary rollover to be able to withdraw. Also, what kind of promotions is there if you want to continue playing? Loyalty clubs are increasingly common as are other fun specials.

Play for Free

Can you play for free without getting hassled? In most cases yes, but you may want to check…

Customer Service: Some casinos have better customer service than others. Do you prefer to communicate on the phone, by email, or by live chat? Some offer all three, some offer only one way to get help. Also, you want to make sure the customer service people can speak your language and you can understand them!

Deposit / Withdrawal Options: There are probably a dozen options for depositing and withdrawing money from a casino… And credit cards or PayPal are not options for US Citizens in most cases. If you have a preferred payment processor, make sure the casino accepts transactions from that company.

Casino Payout: Many casinos have a link on their homepage where you can find out their payout percentage. Table games tend to have fixed odds if they use standard rules. But slots can vary widely. Check that payout percent a casino that has a higher slots payout may have looser slots giving you a better chance of winning.

License: Make sure the casino is licensed and regulated. If the website doesn’t give you specifics, contact support and make sure! This is your way of getting extra security that your money is safe and secure and you will be paid when you request a withdrawal.

Player Referrals: Most of the talk about casinos online is negative. People do try to cheat the casinos and when they are caught, they often rant on every forum as a means to try and blackmail the casino to give them money they do not deserve. But if someone is willing to write positive casino reviews, it gives extra confidence that the casino is legit.

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