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Introduction to Jackpots

What is the first thing you look for when you start playing on a slot machine? To many, this is undoubtedly the size of the main prize, and many game developers and slot machines today are marketing themselves to the huge jackpot prizes you can win. Jackpots, or progressive jackpots, which are a feature that many online slots use, are the most rewarding of the games on a slot machine and the bigger the jackpot, the greater the excitement associated with the gaming experience. At the same time, it should be said that winning a jackpot is not easy, and it takes a lot of luck for the huge win to be yours.

Together with the technological developments, we see in the industry, and the endless number of different slot machines you can choose from, it is an advantage to know which machines offer jackpots and where they tend to grow the most. The evolution and size of the jackpots are at a completely different level today, we will try to improve your knowledge of the machines that use jackpots or progressive jackpots. If you still have a love for classics and are in the nostalgic corner, by the way, we have also listed various casinos where you can still play the best jackpots online.

We can’t guarantee that the information here will be enough for you to run out of jackpot winnings the next time you play, but hopefully, you’ll be left with a better understanding of the feature. And maybe you’ve been wanting to throw yourself in an exciting jackpot hunt.

Is a minimum bet required to play on jackpots?

All players have the opportunity to play with the jackpots. On the new, modern vending machines, there is usually no bet limit, but you may find that on some vending machines you have to play with maximum effort in order to win the biggest prizes.

Is there a greater or lesser chance of winning at jackpots?

The repayment percentage on jackpot vending machines is usually lower than on vending machines that do not offer jackpots. This is because part of your effort helps to build the jackpot bigger. You will thus find that the average RTP is usually a few percent lower on this type of machine. In other words, this means that over time you will win several times on a slot machine without jackpots, but in return, you will not have the opportunity to run out of prize pools that are often worth tens of millions. Should you be interested in playing jackpots, check out our recommendations for the best online casinos with great jackpot offers.

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