Learning about Playtech Casino Software

Blackjack games

Playtech is a company providing casino-downloaded software. It introduces superb graphics with a clear interface. The game offers a platform for individuals and multi-player participants. Play money and actual money can be accessed through separate accounts. The multi-player game can also be accessed for fun money playing. The comp point system provides an equivalent of 0.1 percent cash back. The following games are available together with their own special instructions and rules.

Baccarat: Standard rules are applied in this game. It is unknown what the number of decks is.

Blackjack: The following rules are followed when playing blackjack:

The game is played with six decks
Dealer stands on soft seventeen
The player allowed doubling on any first two cards
The player allowed doubling after splitting
Only one player has the right to split
Combined American and European rules decide what happens if a dealer gets blackjack.

If the dealer gets a blackjack the situation is as follows:

Dealer shows ace: Player doubles and or splits; loss of the total bet.
Dealer shows ten: The player has to double; only the first bet loss.
Dealer shows ten: Player splits and doubles; additional bets from splitting result in a loss but can double again.
No surrendering allowed
Rules are standard or other
The house edge is 0.52 percent when these rules are adhered to.

Blackjack Switch: The house edge in this game is 0.05 percent only. You can get more complete information in the Blackjack Switch section.

Caribbean Poker: Caribbean Poker is played by applying all the standard rules and pay table, and the house edge is 5.22 percent. For the side bet to get a zero house edge the meter would have to clock $218,047.37. For any given meter, the side bet is calculated at 63.76 percent minus 2.92 percent for every ten thousand dollars clocked in the meter.

Casino War: This game is played with six decks of cards and the applicable rules are applied. In the game, the player has to permanently make war which is in contrast to surrender. The house edge here is 2.88 percent.

Craps: In this game, the player has the right to take odds three times on the pass-and-come bets. The multiple permitted on the don’t pass and don’t come wagers is three times, and this is relative to the bet placed and the winning sum accrued by the player. The edge is 0.46 percent on the don’t pass and don’t come bets, while it is 0.47 percent on the pass and come bets in the combined house edge. A five percent commission fee is charged on the win even though lay-and-buy bets are allowed. The house edge on the buy and lay bets can be viewed on the chart.

Keno: It’s recommended to look at the chart to see the expected returns and note how often you get the number of picks in the keno game. It’s worth noting that pick eight is the best return where the house edge is 92.75 percent.

Let Them Ride: This game Let them Ride is the same as the game Let It Ride. Standard rules are applied to this game. The lowest house edge is 13.77 percent of every pay table for the Let it Ride side bets.

Roulette: The wheel is a single zero in this game and 2.70 percent is the house edge for all bets.

Sic Bo: Sic Bo’s payoffs are better in contrast to some and worse in contrast to others. If you wish to compare Sic Bo with other software brands then access Sic Bo’s Internet site. Take note that the single number payout is twelve to one on a three-of-a-kind, and this is naturally much better than the standard three-to-one. For all payoffs, house edges and bets take a look at the chart. On high and low bets not also that the lowest house edge is 2.78 percent.

Slot Machines: You are provided with a vast selection of slot machines.

Video Poker: Playtech offers you a range of video poker games that presents you with a nice choice of options. For a four-play-in-one-play, you can have a large number of options. A double up and half double up is another provided feature. Players are permitted to continually redouble bets up to one thousand dollars. Doubling is counted as obligatory play if you wish to earn a bonus. Assuming that the player uses maximum strategy he or she should check out the chart for expected game returns.

In addition, you can use Megajacks giving you access to six video poker games, as well as a twenty-five percent progressive nine. The meter has to beat one thousand dollars for the progressive game to beat the best of the nonprogressive jacks or better game. Assuming that the meter clocks more than $1230.30, the odds evolve to the advantage of the player, providing that the maximum nine, six strategies are used generally by video poker professionals without any changes for the higher pay of a royal flush. For video poker returns view the chart.