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Live Baccarat Games

Live dealer baccarat has arrived casino and it is hard not to be impressed by the quality of TV pictures and the easy-on-the-eye hi-tech software.

However, with a live dealer for your baccarat game, the experience is made simpler, especially with the ability to ask questions in chat to the dealer. Still, live baccarat is not specifically recommended to those who have not played before but if you have experience playing in a casino then live dealer baccarat may be to your liking.

Live dealer in baccarat

The live dealer in baccarat gives the banker three cards and the player three cards. Cards are worth face value apart from 10-Ace which is worth one point. Gamblers choose whether the banker or the player has the smallest total (best hand) from the three cards dealt. Side bets are also allowed where a player can bet on whether the dealer gets a pair, the player gets a pair, or indeed if both the live dealer and the player get a pair.

Sounds a little complicated? It is and it isn’t. The best way I found was to jump straight in and start playing for small stakes until to understand the ebb and flow of the game either or study the rules while observing a table. It’s fairly straightforward to pick up and is still enjoyable even if you don’t understand all the side bets available. From high limits to low stakes, live dealer baccarat is a must-play online casino game made all the more interesting because of the attraction of a live dealer. and occasionally an easy-on-the-eye live dealer!

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