Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game where the player’s goal is to beat the dealer. A player wins if his card hand scores higher than the dealer’s or the dealer’s card hand exceeds 21 points. The dealer is dealt both an open and a dark card. The dealer does not check the blackjack hand based on the first card. The dealer wins if he gets blackjack and the player does not have blackjack in his hand. When a player’s blackjack hand wins, the hand’s odds are 3: 2.

The value of the ace is either 1 or 11, depending on the player’s choice, the 10 on the picture card and the others have the same score as the card. The game uses a pre-determined amount of 52 decks of cards without jokers. All cards – 312 pieces are always shuffled before a new round of play begins. For example, there may be six or even eight compulsions.

What is a live dealer online blackjack like
Live dealer blackjack means exactly what its name says. The player sits or is on his own terminal anywhere in the world and his actions are synchronized to the blackjack table in the online casino where he is playing. His screen will feature a real-time stream from a blackjack table that can be in a real casino or game studio, where the very right, professional and live gamekeeper distributes the cards from the card shoe to the players and the bank.

In blackjack, the primary goal is to beat the dealer. The most important single decision for a player is whether to take an additional card or stay with the current score. Many make a mistake by just staring at their own cards and scores. To make the right decision, the player must also consider the dealer’s card and not just their own cards.

How live dealer blackjack works
The game of Blackjack run by a live dealer is like playing in a real casino. You just select it from your own online casino and from their live table games to blackjack and you go into the world of live casinos. As soon as the game has downloaded to your terminal, you will be connected to a live table where the professional dealer is waiting for players, or the game is already running and you will be able to enter the available seats at the table. It’s all about luck whether you get a male or female dealer and whether you’re the only player or one of the players at the table.

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