Live casino bonus

A bonus that is also very popular today is the live casino bonus. This means that you get a bonus that is valid on live dealer games. For example, it could be a deposit bonus that only applies to the games available in the live casino. The advantage of playing against a real dealer is that you get a more authentic experience like the one you get at That is why many people choose the live casino to get a more genuine feeling in the game.

Regular casino bonuses are often adapted for slots and thus usually can not be used in the live casino. With a pure live casino bonus, the bonus is instead created to work in the live casino. Thus, you will get a customized gaming experience for those who love real casino gaming. The bonus can usually be used on optional live dealer games, but be sure to check the rules and conditions to ensure which games you can use your bonus on.

A poker bonus works in a different way. Sure, some companies offer a bonus that comes directly upon deposit, but most give bonuses that you get to play for. For example, you can get 100% up to twenty thousand kronor on your first deposit and this amount is paid out gradually when you play and receive points. Poker is actually a game that many have as a profession, if you are good and have good patience, you too can become one of the pluses in the length of poker. However, you should know that only about 5-10% of all poker players go plus in the long run and can live on it. The bonus for poker players is often higher than an odds or casino bonus. Why is unclear but perhaps because poker players are generally more loyal than other customers. Poker players are quite special but very good customers for the gaming companies. Just poker is always against each other as well, which means that the gaming companies instead make money on the rake, ie they charge a fee to all players because they offer the table.

We also want to tell you about something that is relatively new on the market. It can in some cases be risky if you do not have control over your gambling, but it can also be a very good opportunity. Now you can actually play at Not all gaming companies yet offer casinos with invoices but it is becoming increasingly popular and soon we believe that most online gaming companies will offer this as a payment method. However, be sure to always be careful when playing with invoices. Therefore, make sure you always have an income that you know you will get in if you ever play this way.

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