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Live Blackjack has arrived casino replicating a live casino experience for the first time giving a more natural, satisfying, and fun blackjack experience for residents and countries across Europe and beyond. Live blackjack gameplay is as sleek and easily understandable as you would expect from the leading online betting community. Each player has a choice of their live blackjack dealer male or female as well as being able to choose their stakes and which other players to sit alongside.

If you have not played blackjack online or in a casino then it is recommended to read up on all the rules of blackjack or pontoon or 21 as we called it when playing for fun, years ago. It is not as though the rules of blackjack are complicated but there are some plays such as splitting, burning, standing, etc which need to be known and these tips and tricks will certainly enhance your live dealer blackjack experience as well as hopefully make it more profitable.

There is no software to download to play live blackjack, With a click of the mouse and you are transported to a TV screen where you are introduced to the live dealer. The live dealer calls out the instructions of when to place your gambling chips and explanations of the minimum and maximum are displayed on the screen. The gameplay is slightly slower than conventional online blackjack but the live-action adds to the excitement and there is the chance for players to chat amongst themselves just like in a land-based casino live blackjack experience.

Live dealer blackjack

Blackjack is one of the few casino games where strategy can play a factor and the live blackjack tables gives you the time to study the other players at your table. It is simple to switch tables if you are playing next to a guy constantly trying to hit ridiculous outs. Observing tables before you start live blackjack also helps in this aspect. Don’t expect to be able to card count with eight decks and one card burned before each deal it is nigh on impossible even online!

All in all, live blackjack online is a satisfying experience. One aspect I did not like is the software shows you the card a fraction of a second before the live dealer pulls it from the card shoe. A minor irritant to an overall interesting new experience. With Betfair Mobile tearing up the iPhone and Android app markets, it would be no surprise to find live dealer blackjack on your smartphone any day soon.

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