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Money transfer of online casinos

Money transactions: One of the most important things when choosing a casino is to check what payment methods the site offers. Today, there is a wide range of different service providers available. The first thing to mention is that online casinos always require deposits and withdrawals at to be made using the same payment method whenever possible. For this reason, you cannot deposit from a bank account and withdraw your winnings into an e-wallet.

Visa & MasterCard: Credit and debit cards are definitely the most common way to deposit at online casinos. It is safe to use and the money will move to your game account without any delays. There is usually a small charge for card payments, usually around 2% of the amount. When using MasterCards, it is exceptional that it is not possible to withdraw money from these cards. Usually, online casinos recommend that you withdraw money into your bank account using a bank transfer or Trustly. The worst side of card payments is that sometimes it can take up to five banking days for withdrawals to arrive on your Visa card.

E-wallets: The most common e-wallets are Skrill, Neteller and PayPal. These are online accounts where you can deposit money using a credit card or bank transfer. It is also possible for Skrill and Neteller to obtain their own MasterCard, so you can access the money directly from your gaming account. The worst aspect of e-wallets is their high handling fees, as a fee of 1-5% is always charged for transferring money. Withdrawing money with Skrill or Neteller MasterCards is also quite expensive, so additional costs can accrue quickly. It is also noteworthy that not all online casinos offer bonuses when depositing with e-wallets. This fact should always be checked before the first deposit!

Trust: Trustly offers easy deposits and withdrawals directly from your online bank. This option can be found in almost every casino and is definitely one of the most popular. To use Trustly, you do not need a separate account for the service, but payments are handled with your online banking ID. Payment brokerage fees are very moderate, and upon withdrawal, the money will be credited to your account within 1-3 business days.

Mobile payments: Mobile payments are an increasingly common payment method offered by, for example, Zimpler and Siru Mobile. The deposit is made using the phone and the money is transferred to your game account in real-time. The amount you deposit will be paid along with your phone bill, so with this method, you can play as a debt. The monthly amount is usually limited to about 300 euros. Withdrawals using this method cannot, of course, be made, so in most cases, the money will need to be withdrawn to your bank account.

Pre-paid cards: Today, it is possible to obtain pre-loaded pre-paid cards that do not require you to provide your own bank details to the casino at all. When using cards, it may be easier to manage the amounts used to play, as you should always buy a card before playing.

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