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Multi-Player Roulette

There will be another expansion of the game offer in the live casinos where the casino software from Microgaming is used. The new casino game is the Live Dealer Multi-Player , where up to seven players can sit at the roulette table at the same time. One of the surprising elements of the new live dealer roulette game is that the ‘table action’ feature shows where other players place their bets and how much the bet is.In the Live Dealer Multi-Player game, each player can identify his or her own chips by color.

A color of chips is made available per player, whereby it is of course possible to choose your favorite color, which may bring you luck at the live roulette table. From the casino lobby, the live streams will provide a perfect image display and the possibility is offered to chat directly with the croupier at the table. Playing Online Roulette is of course even more exciting with this live option and the presence of other players and when you look at the live images it is just like playing roulette in a real casino.Microgaming’s live dealer studios are accredited by eCOGRA, which monitors compliance with the applicable rules imposed on the Internet casinos and the casino games offered.

In addition to the new game Live Dealer Multi-Player , Microgaming has previously released other live games such as Multi Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. This selection of live games has now been expanded by the casino software developer Microgaming to provide even more fun in the online casino and to make the gambling experience even more realistic.The nice thing about this game variant is that you get the feeling of being somewhere other than home even more than usual.

That’s because this game version offers a completely different experience. In the standard version in the live casino you can chat with other players and the croupier, but you don’t get as much insight as with this game. The table action shown makes you much more involved in the game. Just like in a real casino, you can see on the roulette table who places which bets where. You can also see who has become the winner if the ball has stopped on a square with a number. Maybe it is you, but it could also be another player. It is of course also possible that there are multiple winners.

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