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Online Betting Bonuses

The deposit bonus in betting often works in the same way as in casino games: In addition to the deposit, the player is given a percentage of play money. A deposit of € 50 will be awarded a 100% bonus. The player is thus paid the promised percentage of bonus money in addition to their own deposit, and the game money awarded is available for bets offered by the gambling site. The money granted cannot be withdrawn until all recycling requirements have been met. The deposit bonus can also be available in online casino games, but often the bonus given on the deposit is targeted at either the betting games or the betting side.

In the cashback offer, a portion of the money spent on betting can be returned to the gaming account as a bonus from the casino if no bet hits. In this type of bonus, the casino promises to reimburse part of the money lost to the gaming account. For example, the offer could be as follows: 40% cashback up to 100 euros. This means that the player will be paid back € 40 of lost play money into the account when the entire € 100 has been wagered on bets organized by the casino, which meet the conditions for bonuses at

All casino bonuses are subject to bonus terms and a redemption requirement that determines how the bonus is to be used and what action is to be taken on that bonus being awarded, or winnings made without a deposit are considered redeemed. If no redemption conditions have been set, this will usually be prominently displayed with your betting bonus promotion. Cashback bonuses and betting sign-up bonuses may require a multiplier at which a non-deposit bet or a risk-free bet can be played. In general, the terms and conditions state that too secure bets or too uncertain bets, i.e. so-called lucky bets, will not be accepted.

Betting bonuses are offered on a much wider scale with different options compared to the casino bonus offers. Knowing the differences in bonus offers is the easiest way to choose a suitable offer. If you want to choose where you invest your money, then you should turn to the freest option possible. You get the most decision-making power with the deposit bonus because only part of the money is tied to the terms of use and recycling obligations. For free spins and risk-free bets, the obligation to the betting site is much higher.

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