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For looking for online blackjack, we recommend playing. We recommend it because:

  • It is trustworthy and secure
  • it is 100% instant play
  • You can play free with no download and no credit card
  • You can play blackjack with or without registering. If you choose not to register you can play unlimited blackjack but if you choose to register you will receive $10 free.
  • They offer 15 variations of online blackjack. So if you are looking for online blackjack.

Available Options

For wanting to play online blackjack there are several options:

These casinos can be played in your browser and usually have 10+ variations of blackjack to choose from. This option is the best because you can play completely for free without even registering or you can play with $10 free or deposit and play with your own money.
Downloadable casinos: These casinos need to be downloaded but once downloaded you will have a good variety of games to choose from. The advantage of downloading the casino software is that the games will load faster. The disadvantage of downloading the casino software is that it takes time to download, it can slow down your computer and sometimes can be hard to uninstall.
Blackjack software can download. This type of blackjack is usually not recommended because it usually comes with spyware.
Free site play: The advantage here is that it is 100% free and instant play. The downside is that the quantity and quality of the games offered will be very much lower than the other options. Also, you will be bombarded with advertisements while you play.

Land-Based Casinos Vs. Online Blackjack

At a land-based casino, you can expect 6 decks in a shoe. While playing at an online casino the deck of cards is virtual so technically there is an infinite deck of cards. The difference is that there is no ability whatsoever to count cards playing online blackjack.
Some land-based casinos will hit on a soft 17. If you play online blackjack you will find that the dealers never hit on a soft 17. Not hitting on a soft 17 is an advantage for the players. So land-based casinos are better here.
The most land-based casino will allow you to double down on any cards while at online casinos you can only double down on certain cards usually 9,10 & 11. Sometimes it is nice to double down on soft cards and 7 and 8s this is something you can only do at land-based casinos.
Most land-based casinos allow splitting aces once but some will allow you to split up to 4 times. At online casinos, you will be able to split aces only once.
Side bets can be played at land-based casinos but no online casinos have side bets. Side bets have many different names such as Sevens, and Match Pair. Currently, no online casinos offer side bets. This is a good thing because side bets do not have good odds.

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