Online Casino Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game that is usually associated with high rollers at the casino. There are up to 14 people at a baccarat table. Each player will have three options for betting: Player, Banker and Tie. At the larger baccarat table, each gambler will have the chance to handle the Player’s cards. The dealer will always hold the Banker’s cards and two other dealers will collect the bets for the table. Generally, many of the gamblers at the high-stakes baccarat tables will only bet on the Player because it is considered improper to bet against the rest of the table.

There is also mini-baccarat which is considered to be a lower-stakes game. This is a smaller table that generally holds up to 7 players here at There is one dealer who will deal out and handle both the Banker and Player cards. There also isn’t any taboo against betting for the Banker.

Online Baccarat

There are a couple of things that I look for in an online baccarat game. The first thing I look for is the speed of the game. Some baccarat games are too fast; the cards get dealt and you don’t even have time to root for a certain card here at If this was your only experience of baccarat, you wouldn’t like the game because you have no idea how the decisions are made to take the third card.

The better online casinos will deal out both cards for the Banker and Player, then pause, and then the player decides whether to take the third card (based on the rules) and the Banker also makes the decision to stand or hit. Because the online version of Baccarat can kind of seem more like betting on a coin flip at times, some online casinos have installed a Live Baccarat table feed that has a real dealer turning over the cards. The game progresses at a normal pace and you will know which card you need to root for.

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