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While free spins have many synonyms, Real Spins does not really mean the same thing. Real spins almost always mean free spins with no wagering requirements. If a wagering requirement arises, then it is not real spins, but regular free spins. However, there is no reason to get annoyed, because it can simply be a mistake, or be a conceptual confusion at the casino. Yes, what else, one is tempted to ask. It is probably someone who thought a little wrong, if you came up with such an expression. The word free in itself states that it is free and free of charge. We have also never heard of free spin costing anything. On the other hand, it is common with online  free spins that require a consideration in the form of a deposit and then they are in the real sense not free. On these occasions, you get to see free spins as a bonus.

All online casinos have mobile casinos. Some of the slot machines are specially optimized for mobile devices. Sometimes some casinos offer free spins only for players who use the mobile version. This is what is meant by free spins for mobile. Otherwise, the above also applies to these free spins. Some games are actually more fun with a tablet or mobile than with a desktop computer, so if you are a mobile fan, you should keep an eye out for such offers. It is actually quite common that real free spins that are given without deposit requirements are just for the mobile version.

Spinning slot machines from a tablet is a good idea. The screen is larger than a mobile phone, but at the same time it is still possible to take the tablet everywhere. This makes it the best of both worlds. Since all types of offers are available from mobile devices, it may be worthwhile to receive the free spins directly on your tablet. If you have BankID installed on your tablet, it is even easier, then you do not even need to use another device to become a member. Instead, you become a member with BankID and avoid all the hassle. Then you can receive your free spins and then enjoy a gaming experience directly from your tablet. All slot machines and free spin offers are available from your tablet so just download free spins today.

It varies greatly depending on which online casino you choose. Some have selected one or more slot machines on which you can spend your free spins. In this example, you can use your free spins on all slots from the casino game manufacturer. Others let you choose freely among the entire range. Some online casinos have chosen a different strategy and have a list of slots that you can not use your free spins on. Then you should avoid these titles but can use free spins on all other slot machines. Another option that is relatively common is to be able to use free spins on all slots except progressive jackpots. To know what applies to your offer, it is smart to check the rules and conditions. Then you always have a full overview of what requirements the online casino has when they give you an offer.

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