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Scratchcards are becoming more & more popular in the online casino world. This game has been around for years and is a very popular game in almost every country. All you need to do is scratch the numbers & you may win a huge prize! Scratch cards bridge the gap between casino games & lottery products as it takes their game features from both worlds. Nowadays, our world is becoming more digitalized, we started doing our banking online so why can’t we our scratch cards online? Game developers have been developing scratchcards for the online world, introducing new & exciting features to make it more enjoyable for the players.

What are Online Scratchcards?
Online scratchcards are instant win games that can be purchased for €25 – €10. They offer attractive jackpots of up to €1 million euro which you can win by winning the matching numbers. Scratchcards use a random number generator in order to determine the outcome of the prize. Online scratchcards vary each game offering a different theme & design for the player to enjoy.

Online casinos should make sure that scratchcards are offered in their casino as it is another game vertical they can offer to make their casino offerings more diverse. It also allows a casino to attract new types of players since the typical scratchcard player is more likely to be categorized as a lottery player rather than a casino player. You can have two types of scratch cards match 1 & match 3 numbers. It is fairly straightforward to understand. Match 1 requires you to match 1 number and match 3 requires you to match 3 numbers, this is a very easy game to understand!

Mobile Scratchcards
The Casinos team recommends trying out online scratchcards on mobile. You get a better player experience & user interface when scratchcards are developed for mobile since you can scratch the instant win games with your finger. It’s pretty fun! Yeah, you probably remember walking into a tobacco store & scratching one of these instant win games with a coin, that was the way how to play these casino games. Still very popular nowadays, but we are seeing a shift to the online world with more players playing this game online. You should play these games at some of the best mobile casinos to enjoy the best possible experience!

Online Scratchcard Prizes
The winnings vary on scratchcards according to the game selected. You can check this on the table where it will show you all the game features you need to know & the potential prizes that you can win. The max winnings are usually displayed clearly in the paytable & even on the scratch.

The reason why this is done as it will attract more players to play these instant win games. Why not take a shot at winning €250,000 for just €1, it could just be your lucky day! Different game providers may decide to offer different types of prices. You may see that you might win €2,000 every month for the next 2 years or you can win a cash prize & a brand new car! Not bad right? Online casinos can be more creative with the prizes offered.

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