Pai Gow Poker

The object of the game is to combine up to two poker hands using the seven cards that each player receives. The cards are distributed by the dealer and placed on the table face down. The playing positions are named with the numbers 1 to 7 and the playing order goes counter clockwise. As mentioned, you must combine the seven cards that each player receives into two different poker hands. These two different poker hands are called in Danish as five-card hand and two-card hand. The player plays against the bank and the goal is thus, overall, to have better hands than the dealer has! The Casino Five Cards hand must always be better than the two-card hand, otherwise the player automatically loses the given round of play.

Initially, you as a player place your bet. You will then receive your seven cards – and so will the dealer / bank! If both your hands are higher than the bank’s hands, then of course you win. You must be aware that for each round of play, a so-called commission of 5% of your bet must be paid. Typically, you will be able to play for exactly the amount you want, however, most online casinos have both minimum and maximum bets. The minimum will most often be around five kroner – while you will be able to bet a maximum of around 1000 kroner on the game round. So you can choose to play primarily for fun, or bet big and have the opportunity to win really big wins in this game.

Whatever you choose, then it is a really good idea that you familiarize yourself thoroughly with the rules of the game and the many different strategies that apply. These make the probability of winning significantly higher!If only one hand is higher than the bank’s, you will simply receive your bet back – that is, you do not win or lose in such a situation. Should both your hands be worse than the bank, then you will lose your total bet. Should it happen that your and the bank’s hands are exactly the same good / bad, then the bank wins.

However, it is a situation that occurs extremely rarely. In Pai Gow poker, a joker is also included. This can be used to complete your hand – and will otherwise count as an Ace.The role of banker can change from round to round if you play Pai Gow Poker in real life. If you instead choose to play this game at an Online Casino, then you do not have the opportunity to be a banker. Therefore, the chance of winning is greater when you play Pai Gow Poker physically and are a banker. The bank has an advantage compared to the average player.

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