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Play online casino 2021

Have you never tried online casino before and want to know how it works? Then you have come to the right place! Below we go through everything you may need to know about playing casino online.

Choose an online casino that fits your criteria: In the text above on this page, we have gone through in detail what we classify as a good casino and how we review different casinos. So you now have a decent picture of what you have to expect at Now we recommend that you check out our top list to see which casino attracts you the most, and then click on the review to read more. If you are completely new to the course and want to understand how everything is connected, it can also initially be a good idea to visit some online casinos to compare appearance and functionality without logging in. Many gaming sites support the ability to open most of the games at that stage to get acquainted with them without investing any money.

Create your gaming account: Thanks to new technology and great advances in the subject, this step is easier today than ever before. At some casinos, the registration is done so that you fill in your contact information and possibly choose a username and password. If you want to do it in the easiest way, you choose a casino without an account. You can read more about the benefits of casino without an account here. If you do not choose a casino without an account, the process is a bit longer, but usually still very smooth. Simply follow the steps that come up when you click on create account inside the online casino.

Make your first deposit: After creating an account, you can make your first deposit. Here you can also take advantage of any welcome bonuses that the online casino offers. Some casinos add your bonus automatically, while you have to check that you want the bonus from others. Exactly how bonuses go and how to use them in the best way, you read more about on our page about bonuses. Start by going to the deposit option at Here you will be able to set your deposit limits (if this was not already required when creating your account).

Choose a game and get started: After that, just try the games that seem interesting. Game manufacturers usually include a description of how the games work, or even information pages about e.g. different table games, but the easiest way is to find out everything you need to know about casino games through our game guides.

Make withdrawals: Have you won and want to withdraw the money? Congratulations! Depending on the payment method you used for deposits, withdrawals may look a little different. Different online casinos can also have different limits for withdrawals often the limit is $ 200, but we recommend that you look at the casino you have chosen that applies right there. Simply go to the online casino section for withdrawals and follow the steps. Usually the process consists only of choosing the payment method and amount and then it must be approved. Withdrawals take different lengths of time depending on which payment method you use and can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of days.

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