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Video poker is one of the coolest propositions you can be offered in a web casino a game combining the class of poker with the slick speed of a slot machine. What’s more, since it’s playable with a range of simple strategies it has to be on your gaming. Take a look at the keys to classy video poker sessions.

Play strategically: Video poker is all about holding and discarding the right cards, and if you do it using real statistical power, you can limit the machine’s edge to really low levels. Each genre of video poker does need slight tweaks in the basic strategy.

Use a low relative bet level: The video poker strategy helps to reduce the statistical power of the machine against you but you’ll still face a slight edge and go through hot and cold sessions. Get through them with ease by placing bets equal to 0.5 – 1% of your bankroll. This approach also ensures your budget stretches to high-volume video poker gaming.
Use level stakes: In addition to wagering with a low-risk level use the same sized wager throughout each session and in every individual session; if you raise the stakes, raise them across the board. This approach helps to maximize the advantage of strategic video poker.
Play consistently & progress: Playing video poker strategy over the long term and with the same level of risk is the key to having fun and getting results. With time aim to progress your skill level and game with more and more strategic complexity.

Basic Video Poker Strategy

Most online casino gamers know how to play video poker. After all, the aim of the game is to analyze the 5 cards dealt by the machine, and then make logical or lucky holds and discards before re-drawing to complete the hand (hopefully with a winning poker combo). However, playing with your brain and ‘thinking’ you know best isn’t really a good game-plan. Instead, start using real strategic power with your video poker sessions.

Basic video poker strategy at online casinos
Although there are many different complexities when it comes to online video poker strategies casual online casino gamers can start getting some nice results by using basic strategy charts. Note that each version of video poker (for example jacks or better and deuces wild) require slightly different rules.

Can video poker strategy beat online casinos?

Learning a basic video poker strategy can’t totally wipe out the house edge although progressing to hardcore systems can smash the edge! Most average online video poker gamers should however start getting more winning rounds and sessions when their luck’s in. Remember the simple tips below to try and maximize the chances of winning at strategic video poker.

  • Set a low-risk video poker wager level (such as 0.5-2% of your bankroll)
  • Stick with the same level VP wager size for all rounds and in every session
  • Play regularly to see a strategies real potential
  • Play a high volume of video poker sessions to analyze your skill (strategic video poker will still produce good and bad sessions, so don’t expect an even ride!).

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