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Video poker one of the most popular and perhaps most addictive online casino games. Just because in this game you can’t make a fortune. It takes skill and on top of that. A staggering return rate if you practice the laws of video poker. There are numerous different versions of that gambling. Take a closer look below at what it all is like in practice. While this type of casino requires skill, the course of the game is easy to learn. You always play against the machine. The game goes at your own pace and you get support at the table.

The machine automatically deals the cards, you choose which cards you want to keep and swap the rest. If you get a winning hand, you can double your winnings or redeem your winnings. So simple. It’s dizzying. Nearly one hundred percent, exactly 99.5%. However, to get there, you need to master the twists and turns of video poker. Then the optimistic strategy. This is also affected by the pay table used by casinos. Doubling in video poker is the only time when tactics don’t matter. So if you have managed to form a winning hand, you can double your bet.

In this case, the machine draws a random card from the deck and your job is to guess its color or value. The return percentage is significantly higher than in slot games (approx. 97%). Because of this, bonus money recycling is almost non-existent in video poker, compared to those slots. Optimal video poker strategy. The easiest way to get acquainted is to test the game for free money. This is possible over time at all the best casinos .

Free video poker is by no means the only valuable feature when playing at an online casino, multi-hand video poker as well as level up games are also promised. After all, it’s boring to play just one two or ten hands. At online casino video poker, at best, you can play up to a hundred hands. Initially, there is one hand from which you normally choose the cards you hold. These cards come in every hand.

After that, the hands are filled with new cards. At this point, the different hands are different. Each hand comes with cards from its own deck, after which each hand is looked at separately – Did you win? In general, the bet and thus the winnings on a single hand are moderate, but with good cards, the winnings accrue from many different hands.