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Poker Face Casino Advantages

Poker face is a fairly well-known concept and is used not only in poker, but also in everyday life. Although initially this phrase was given to us by poker. Generally speaking, the meaning of the word poker face is the absence of any visible reaction on the player’s face or emotion in response to an action or situation. Poker players call a poker face the expression on the player’s face, by which it is impossible to count anything. That is, this is a complete absence of any facial emotions. In addition, poker face is also deceiving facial reactions during the game.

The main task of which is to deceive the opponent at the table. Thus, the goal of poker face is not only to hide the real emotions, but also to give out the false ones. This is quite difficult, because if you have strong cards in your hands, and you understand that you can win, then the pulse begins to quicken, your breathing becomes confused, your cheeks may turn red from the excitement of the nervous system. Controlling yourself is extremely difficult and it takes a long time to learn. It’s like acting that needs to be incorporated into poker sessions. By the way, attending acting lessons is not such a bad idea.

How does poker face help bluffing experience has shown that poker players only hold poker face on two occasions: when they bluff or in the case of the nuts. But more often, of course, it is during bluffing. The player behaves like he has strong cards, even if he doesn’t. This pushes opponents to give up their chips before they get to showdown. If the player is a professional in his field, then even after the showdown, his opponents cannot believe their eyes, he played them so convincingly. Such situations can be seen in big poker tournaments, when big players gather at the table.

The most famous players who are great at hiding their emotions and holding the poker face are mike mcdonald and phil ivey. Keeping a poker face during the entire game, which can last more than one hour, is very difficult, it is emotionally exhausting. Therefore, as an alternative, you can behave as usual, communicate with rivals, joke. And only at important moments apply a stone face. And for whom even a temporary poker face is a problem, you can wear dark sunglasses, masks, or pull on a cap over your eyes.

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