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Poker strategy for beginners

There is never a given poker strategy without you making some small or large adjustments yourself. A poker game is individual, and you can track out a pattern at any time and then come back. You do this as you please, although you can be inspired by our poker strategy for beginners.In the beginning, we recommend playing tight. This means that you fold when you do not have good enough cards to beat the others. This of course also includes the cards you may intend to bluff with.

Avoid bluffing in the beginning – this can cost you dearly.After playing tight for a while, you will understand how the others play and you will immediately become a better Casino Poker Player based on other people’s games and decisions. After a few months of playing, you will already find patterns on players you “have met before”, because you see through their betting pattern. This is gold when you later, after playing tight and making yourself confident in the game, will play at several tables and perhaps play even more aggressively with more hands.

The reason why you can eventually play the game with more hands and more aggressively is that you have learned different types of players, and can thus predict how the player will react when you come later in the game. Remember, however, that you have to play tight for a long time, to avoid learning the same things when you play aggressively and multiple hands – then we can guarantee you that the lesson is more expensive versus when you play tight.

Many poker players also choose to keep the tight game, which is perfectly ok. You will of course be a player who is very easy to read in the long run, but we know of several players who actually go out with a solid profit every single month. We think this is very well done, but would like to add that this is only suitable for players with an enormous amount of patience, because it requires, after all, that you sit and wait to be served the right cards. A tip for the transition between tight and aggressive play, is to go out of the comfort zone occasionally, by having a table up (for example after a game session), where you start with your aggressive play.

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