Poker Tournaments

Tournaments offer you the possibility of converting your modest buy-in of a few tens of francs into large winnings of several thousand or even hundreds of thousands of francs. The biggest online gambling Sunday Million tournament offers a $ 1 million prize pool every Sunday. The tournament winner receives between $ 180,000 and $ 230,000 for a buy-in of $ 215.

1) Warm up before the tournament starts
Poker is the most violent sitting sport in the world. It is therefore advisable to warm up before starting a big tournament. This is not about stretching or running, but just playing a few hands at a cash game table or turbo tournament a few minutes before your tournament starts. You will be in the poker atmosphere from the start of the tournament.

2) Review the basics
We recommend that you read some poker articles or read some tips on strategy to get your tournament off to a good start. Likewise, it is useful to double-check the tournament structure and the number of registered players. You will avoid any possibility of error and have peace of mind on the table.

3) Adopt a healthy lifestyle
If you have a hangover or haven’t slept enough in the last few days, there is no point in getting into a tournament that will last for several hours. You risk losing focus and being stupidly eliminated. We advise you to rest before a big tournament and to take a little nap if necessary. For information, the casinos Sunday Million tournament lasts an average of 9 hours… A real marathon for players.

4) Provide water and food
If the tournaments include regular breaks, we recommend that you put something on the table to eat and refresh yourself. It would be silly to have to take you out in the game to make yourself a sandwich and miss a big hand. When it comes to drink, water or an energy drink are your best allies to last.

5) Dress relaxed
If you are participating in a poker tournament at a casino, you will not be able to come in shorts and a T-shirt as you usually do at home when playing online. However, casinos tolerate casual attire in poker rooms. We therefore advise you to wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to remain seated for several hours. The usual attire of professional poker players comes down to jeans, sneakers and a hoodie. Wearing sunglasses can be helpful in protecting against artificial casino light and adopting pokerface at the table.

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