Roulette System


If you are getting serious about playing roulette, you may want to use a roulette system when you wager. What is a roulette system? It is a strategy for placing your bets, to help you maximize your winnings.

Since roulette is a simple game of choosing numbers, the strategy of a roulette system is in how you pick your numbers and place your bets. Many people sell books, videos and online tutorials for roulette systems. However, you need to remember that nothing is going to guarantee that you win.

Roulette is a game of chance so you are at the mercy of lady luck, and the odds of winning are always in favor of the casino whether you play in a live casino at However, many people do win money gambling, so the appeal of using a roulette system is obvious.

Some roulette systems are dependent on progressions. In progressive betting, when you lose a bet you increase your next bet. The thinking behind this kind of strategy is that eventually when you win you will have more money on the table and will therefore win enough to make up for the games that you have lost.

Other roulette systems attempt to predict the numbers that will win, based on prior spins of the wheel. Keep in mind that casino roulette wheels are real mechanical things, but online roulette wheels use software to select random winning numbers for each game.

Some casinos allow something called a “surrender” in roulette. In a surrender, if you have placed an odd/even or red/black bet and one of the zero numbers is a winner, you have the option to give up only half of your bet. Many players swear that utilizing a surrender is part of a winning roulette system. Using a roulette system is not illegal. It simply helps players to gamble using specific tactics and strategies.

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