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Scratch cards in the online casino

It took a long time before scratch cards could also be played at the larger and popular casinos. The main reason for this is that it just took a very long time before casino game developers became convinced that scratch cards in an online casino would really have a future. They started cautiously and the supply of scratch cards in an online casino therefore remained very limited for a long time. But because players did play with scratch cards, the development of new types of scratch cards has gained momentum at some point. There are now even casinos that have turned scratch cards into their banner. There you can sometimes find hundreds of different types of scratch cards. Just like any game in a casino, scratch cards have a percentage that is used as winnings for the casino. This is called the house edge in most table games. With scratch cards we don’t talk about the house edge, but about the Return To Player percentage, the RTP. This RTP is based on thousands of games and shows how much of the bet that a player would have made during those thousands of games is returned to the player in the form of winnings. The physical scratch cards also have an RTP, but that is a lot lower than with online scratch cards. This is because physical scratch cards are more expensive to make and the costs are passed on. Not in the price of the scratch card, but in the amount players receive back.

Scratch cards are cheaper in an online casino than in the supermarket or at the cigar farmer. Not only is this the case because the RTP is higher, but also because the minimum bets are lower. You can usually buy a physical scratch card from € 2.50 or more. With an online scratch card you pay only €1 for the most affordable scratch card. That is a nice advantage with which you can at least keep the average hourly loss a lot lower. Now it is true that playing with scratch cards in an online casino is a lot faster than when you play with physical scratch cards. With physical scratch cards you always have to manually remove the scratch layer and that takes time. On average you can scratch open about 50 scratch cards per hour, while online you can play up to 200 scratch cards per hour.

Anyone considering playing with scratch cards in an online casino would be wise to do this for free first. That is possible, because all games that you can play in an online casino, with the exception of the live casino games, are equipped with a so-called practice mode. Here you play with a fictitious amount of money in the game and of course you do not receive any winnings when you have won a prize. However, it is a very nice and good way to see how playing with online scratch cards exactly works. It costs you nothing and you can try out different types of scratch cards. If you like playing with free money, you can log into your casino account, deposit some money and try playing scratch cards with real money.

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