Slot Machine History

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If you are a regular online casino player then you might be interested in slot machine history. Many of you have probably heard of the slot machine game. Some may even have already tried their luck in playing slot machines. But what many probably don’t know is where and when slot machines originated.
I give you the history of slot machines. The slot machine was first created in the year 1895 by Charles Fey. It has come quite a long way since then. Charles Fey collaborated with the Mills Novelty Company in 1907 to perfect one of the earliest models of slot machines. The machine they developed they named the Mills Liberty Bell.
The Mills Liberty Bell slot machine was first designed with iron casts and matching toes and feet. The toes and feet were of course later scrapped in the newer models of the slot machine. Features of the early slot machines include strips as reels and the images of playing cards like jacks, kings and queens as their symbols. Early slot machines also had real bells on top that rang every time a jackpot is won. This is later replaced by artificial bells that light up and rotate when the jackpot is hit.

The Liberty Bell is said to be the godfather of all slot machines as this inspired the creation of newer models. Some of its features are even used today like its fundamental design and the three reels. Modern-day slot machines feature not only three reels but also even four to five reels. Each has hundreds of symbols and combinations as opposed to the early 20 symbols in the Liberty Bell slot machine.

In 1910, the Mills Novelty Company launched a new model of the slot machine. They called this the Operator Bell slot machine. The Operator Bell was designed with a gooseneck feeding mechanism for the coins. It was also the earliest slot machine model that used fruit symbols. This was carried out in later models of the slot machine. The Operator Bell was also made with iron casts that were markedly heavier than the earlier slot machine models.

Five years later, the Mills Novelty Company realized the inconvenience of heavy slot machines. They introduced a new slot machine model that is lighter, less expensive and with a wooden cabinet casing.
In the 1930s slot machines were called silent bells because the Mills Novelty Company introduced a quieter version of the slot machine. It also included a double jackpot feature that enables slot machine players to win more jackpots.

During the 1930s newer designs for the slot machine’s cabinet were flooded the market. This included the War Eagle, the Lion Head and even Castle Front slot machine. Indeed more innovations to the slot machines ensued. Random Number Generators and microprocessors were included in the slot machine. We can be sure newer developments will come out for our beloved slot machine.

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