Slot Symbols

Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games. They are fun and easy to learn. There are almost no deviations from the basic rules of the game from one slot variant to another. However, slots have changed enormously since their inception over a century ago. At the time when slots had only one payline and three reels, things were much simpler . You just had to match the same three symbols and the machine paid you a sum based on the symbol you matched.

There was simply no room left for anything else. Over time and with the growth of the slot industry, manufacturers have made many improvements to the game. They increased the reels to 5 or in some cases to 7 and added more symbols, with the aim of having more combinations possible, which allowed them to offer bigger payouts and thus attract more players. Over time, some special symbols were added that did not behave like normal icons .

Instead, these symbols change and make something happen on the reels so that the player can benefit from bigger and more rewarding payouts.Both Wild and Scatter Symbols can be equally valuable. So what’s the difference between them and how does it affect your gameplay?The Wild symbol, or even Joker, is probably one of the most common symbols found in a slot machine. The Wild symbol is extremely important.

So it is interesting and profitable to know as much as possible about them. A slot machine with a Wild symbol is such a normal thing now that it’s hard to imagine without it. For a symbol to be Wild it must be slightly different from the others. Sometimes it’s just the word Wild written in a specific style, on other occasions it’s an element that is somehow related to the theme and proves relevant to it.

The basic function of a Wild symbol is to substitute for regular symbols when it appears on the reels and help form a winning combination . Only with this the Wild symbol helps to earn extra money and contributes to the fun. Wild symbols usually cannot substitute for Scatter symbols or other bonus symbols . Sometimes, Wild symbols can form their own winning combinations and reward high winning players.

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