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The five-reel slot machine has gained much popularity recently, taking away from its three-reel counterpart. As you walk into a land-based casino or an online casino site you’ll find that five-reel slots have gained a lot of space. They are usually the most favorable machines when you play slots online. Some players think that because a slot machine has five reels as opposed to three it will be easier to hit a winning combination. This is, quite simply, untrue.

Each machine uses an R.N.G. (Random Number Generator). Both the five-reel and three-reel machines pay out exactly the same in the long run. If the machine is set for 95%, then it would be 95% for three-reel, five-reel, and even fifty reels. The frequency of the payouts is, nonetheless, affected by the number of reels. With more reels in play, there are more possible combinations that could result in a jackpot.

On a five-reel machine, there are winning combinations that are made up of two, three, and five symbol combinations. The result is that you can hit smaller payouts with a much higher frequency, rather than a huge payout once in a very long while. Even though luck is still a major factor, five reels tend to hit more low- to mid-range payouts. You can also play for more money per spin on a five-reel machine than on a three-reel one. You can play more than one credit per line. The recommended action, of course, is to play all the lines.
This can change from machine to machine, but it is usually between five to twenty pay lines. The “Bet Max” option is not recommended since you can find yourself wagering huge amounts of cash on a low five-cent denomination machine. Sometimes the betting max is a small investment considering the per line bet. Anyways, if the machine is progressive, ascertain which the minimum bet for the progressive jackpot is, and try to avoid the max if you can.
Classic or Basic Slots
These slots machine has the jackpot option. They have a steady top jackpot which is not affected by anything and it keeps accumulating money. The amount of money can be huge. Many slots machines usually offer more wins but smaller ones. Classic slots have it all time, a multiple pay line up to 9. Your most classic slots have multiple pay lines and it gives the player chances to win. Always remember that in order to hit the jackpot you must bet your maximum, and cover all your pay line.
Progressive Slots
These are the most exciting slots games because the jackpot is growing and the amounts of money are being updated on the machine by the second. You may watch it grow as you play. When you download Giga Slot progressive slots to your phone, you will notice and feel the excitement like in a real casino but in the palm of your hand. It is amazing to try it yourself.
Pokies and Fruit Machines
These two terms, pokies and fruit machines, both are types of slot games. These games can have slight variations compared to the traditional 3 and 5 reel slots at the casinos.

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