Top 5 Popular Online Bingo

Popular Online Bingo

With a number of new online bingo hitting the market, the competition among bingo sites has taken its toll. The sites launched barely a couple of months ago have seen some drops whereas some sites have been climbing the charts and gaining popularity votes. On the basis of player’s reviews and best bingo verdicts and research, here are the latest top 5 most popular online bingo sites that have become quite popular among players.

  1. Hats Off Bingo: This online bingo site is going strong day by day. The site has gained the number 1 spot for its incredible performance and offerings. The site comes out as a true bingo entertainer with a massive fan following which takes it to the number 1 position this time. The site is known for its free bingo play and is highly recommended for those who hunt for the best free bingo play and huge jackpots and cash prizes.
  2. Landmark Bingo: This is a huge bingo entertainer. The site is selling like hotcakes and doesn’t stop to surprise bingo players at with its creative and irresistible bingo promotions and deals. The site is known for its versatility, vividness, friendly players, and amazing free bonuses that keep raining like anything.
  3. Bingo Hollywood: One of the big success stories in the last couple of years in the online bingo world is the rise of Bingo Hollywood. The site offers glamorous, entertaining and profitable bingo rides to avid bingo players. It has got every single feature that lures the players. It is the most enjoyable bingo site today on online bingo networks.
  4. Comfy Bingo: While well-renowned sites are struggling to retain their position in the online bingo market, this new sensational site has registered thousands of online bingo players, since its inception. The site has kicked off so well that players are very comfortable sticking to this site in the future and the site has made the best debut in the bingo industry. Free bingo games, amazing cash bonuses and promotions are some of the best features of this site.
  5. Love My Bingo: In the last few months, Love My Bingo comes into the limelight for its unbeatable and eye-catching bingo play at Recently, the site takes the centre stage after registering hundreds of players and offering amazing bingo deals to them. The site keeps growing and progressing with its unique features and is considered one of the strong contenders for the number 1 spot this year.

So here are the latest top 5 most popular and amazing online bingo sites where you can play without thinking twice. For more happening best bingo sites and their complete reviews, visit Best Bingo Portal which is a complete online bingo guide.

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