Understanding Slot Game Variations

By misconception, the average casino player assumes that all slot games are alike. Not so; there are numerous variations to the traditional game many of which offer additional bonuses and player incentives, but there is also a greater amount of risk involved. Here is an overview of leading types of Las Vegas slot machine games that can be found in casinos:

Straight or “Classic” Slots

Classic or Straight slots are the easiest slots to play, mainly because of their simplicity. Typically, they come in three and five-reel varieties. Straight slots include the following games: Wildcard, Multiplayer, Multiple Pay lines, and Buy a Pay.

Wildcard slot games use symbols to increase player odds. In multiplayer games, symbols are used to multiply wins by various amounts; multipliers can also boost bonus payouts. Multiple pay line games offer players the chance to win on several play lines, improving odds. Finally, Buy a Pay offers players the option to play using more than one payout table, increasing winner odds. While the terms of ‘straight’ and ‘classic’ are commonly interchanged, the Classic denotation more prominently refers to games using three reels; a Las Vegas staple. More and more, slot machines now support five and even seven reels, due to the fact that these variations offer additional pay lines, and thus opportunities to win.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots work very much like their Straight counterparts, but on a larger scale. The difference is that progressive slots link multiple machines together at Casino, even across casinos in some instances. This connectivity is created to compile a single jackpot, one that accumulates with every game played. The end result; a massive jackpot prize that pays out incredible high winnings.

Fruit Machines

Offered in two variations, ‘classic’ and ‘modern,’ fruit machines are known for specific traits, including, fixed jackpots, trail bonuses, hold reels, push reels, and other exclusive features. Originating in the UK, fruit machines also offer multiple pay lines.

Bonus Game Slots

Some casino slot machines offer extras; these are called bonus game slots. Generally, these games create player incentives by awarding extra winnings without having to place additional wagers. With land-based slot machines, these bonuses are usually presented on a video screen. Online bonus slots, however, present numerous methods, such as mini-games, free spins, stopping reels, and unique symbol combinations, among others. Between land-based and online casinos, and with the variety of game tweaks that they offer, players have a multitude of slot game options to choose from. And, by using this blog as an outline, they now know what’s available, and also understand the variations found in slot games. That being said, learning slots is best accomplished by playing the games themselves – so, which slot games are your favorites?

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